Bienvenue dans le monde mon petit lapin! (Welcome to the world my little rabbit!)

Mon Petit Lapin

My baby boy was born March 26 at noon.  He’s a nine pound, twenty-one inch bundle of pure joy.  He is making things easy on me by sleeping, eating, and basically doing everything beautifully.  The lack of sleep that I fully expected would initially challenge my goals for French speaking time has not materialized, shockingly.  I am nervous to talk about it in public, for fear that the fussy baby fairy will come and give my baby the memo that he’s supposed to be challenging us instead of just being adorable and easy.

It wasn’t my initial plan, but I have fallen in to a rhythm of speaking French to him while I nurse him and we are alone.  In the early days nursing time makes up the bulk of mommy baby time, and definitely the bulk of alone time with him.  This has felt surprisingly natural for me.  Sometimes I have to slow down and think in order to say the things I want to say, and I am correcting my own grammar a lot, but still I can speak with him for hours.  My speaking to him this much in French is facilitated in part by a sizable pile of French children’s books that I have been hoarding from the local library.  Sometimes I just read them, other times I use them as cues to keep the language going.  I also have been singing the French children’s songs I taught myself while he was in the womb (Spotify has lots in French, and is a great free resource!).  So far, so good!


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